and give You more than job!

Hey, my name is Artem Purlo, I am the head of the web-service company Airkod Software from Odessa.

We are looking for new specialists to join our Team.
Angular Developers
Python Developers
Javascript Developers
React Developers

 Remote or office — optional. 

✅What we offer:

Contract for 24+ months

✅Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many specialists are there in the team for each project on your side and on the client’s side?

Team lead from our side + 2-3 developers from the team.


Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code

Communication with clients, requirements clarification, and possible conflicts resolving

English> Intermediate — Upper-Intermediate

✅3. What is the work schedule for the company? 8 hour day, time slots will be agreed 😉

✅4. How much paid vacation and sick leave? 24 days a year of paid vacation / 5 days of paid sick leave.

✅5. Is there medical insurance for employees? Yes

✅6. What are the stages of selection for this vacancy? Tech interview with our tech lead

✅7. What is the planned duration for each project? — 24+ months Upon completion of the planned / early completion of the project, we switch the developer to another project.

If you are ready to communicate, please indicate a convenient time to call with our tech. lead. Thank you 😉