Project management to achieve complete goals.

Airkod's goal is to create flexible and scalable systems with high traffic loads. An important tool for achieving this goal is extensive experience in project management. Why is project management important in software development?

The main tasks of a project manager are

1. Building an effective development model

2. Setting the right priorities

3. Breaking down large tasks into small blocks

4. Systematic check of the project progress during the entire product creation

5. Organization of testing and bug fixing of the project (fixing errors in the code)

6. Control over execution and adherence to deadlines.

Process administration is based on Scrum and Kanban combined into one global Agile method.

The Scrum method is a breakdown of the entire process into equal intervals of time, for example, 1-4 weeks each. These segments are called “sprints”. Before the start of the sprint, tasks are formed, after completion, the results are discussed, and the team starts a new sprint.

The developer uploads the completed tasks to the production server (the final version for site clients), and transfers those for which there were problems or did not have time to complete them to a new sprint.

Kanban method - breaking tasks into large blocks with different statuses "Planned", "In progress", "Testing", "Ready".

 If an error occurs with other functionality during the work, the developer switches to an urgent task and after completing work on it switches to the main process.

Kanban is great for monitoring progress. Its key task is to ensure the development process and progress.

The lack of a systematic approach to managing software development leads to ineffective task execution, lengthening of the deadline for delivery of work and additional money spending, and sometimes to a collision with insurmountable technical problems.

When to use Scrum and Kanban methods?

In order to monitor daily progress and development progress, it is best to use Kanban. If a planning tool is needed, it is better to use Scrum.

The choice of the method is based on communication with the customer of the project and with the development team. The specialist providing this process is called "project manager".

The most effective is a project manager with experience in programming of 2 years or more with a theoretical understanding of development on the Front End side of the project (html, css), understanding of databases and Agile project management method, as well as knowledge of the Git project version control system. We talked more about Front End in another post. 

Used tools for project management.

To organize a convenient visual display of project progress, our company recommends using Trello and Jira boards.

It is a reliable assistant in monitoring the execution of tasks and assessing the current state of affairs. A small list of the capabilities of these helpers:

- convenient visual display of tasks for all participants in the process

- analytics of the progress of previous sprints in the context of time

- storage of accompanying documents, edits made to tasks in one place

 Organization of the production process by the project manager.

1. Receive an assignment from a client

2. Describe the problem in technical language

3. Formulate technical requirements for the implementation of the task

4. Assess the timing of the task

5. Add a task to the board (Trello or Jira) in the "In Progress" section

6. Mark the responsible developers for the implementation of the task on the board

7. After completing the task, move the task to the "Tested" section

8. If the functionality has passed the testing and there were no errors, then the task is assigned the “Finished” status. After this step, the developer has the right to apply the workable code to the entire project.

9. If the tests revealed a problem in the code, then the status "In progress" is returned to the task. After that, the developer must identify the problem in the written code and resubmit it for testing. If testing is successful, it is necessary to perform the actions specified in paragraph 8.

10. Conduct daily discussions with the team about the goals achieved, problems, ways to implement new iterations and risk assessment.



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Software development is the design, writing, testing and maintenance of computer programs to solve problems for many users; it's about building robust, secure solutions that will stand the test of time and tackle some of the previously unknown challenges. 

AIRKOD developers thoroughly study the tasks to be solved, fully understand how their proposed solutions work, how these solutions are limited and how they are characterized in terms of data privacy and security.

A software component must be resilient to bad data, incorrect states, and incorrect interactions. For this reason, the sustainability and safety of the company's solutions come first. This approach saves time and budget for creating a successful project.

We use our own knowledge and custom tools in order for us to expand our opportunities in solving complex issues whilst helping you avoid any unnecessary costs at the same time.