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SaaS Development

We offer high-quality software development

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software payment and delivery model that transcends the traditional way of selling software licenses so much that it is rebuilding the company to fit its needs.

We are an emerging SaaS Application Development company with passionate in-house software engineering aces to help you with the all-around business-efficient implementation of advanced mobile solutions.

We provide separate software assets as well as custom mobile app development services that are based on in-depth expertise and extensive experience of dedicated coding and software optimization geeks.

SaaS application development services for different platforms

Native Saas applications are designed for specific mobile platforms and installed directly on the device. A unique feature of native solutions is that they can access and use device hardware capabilities, in particular, a camera, GPS sensors, accelerometer, contact list, etc.
Hybrid apps combine native and web approaches. Like native solutions, they are downloaded and installed onto the device while operating through a browser and having access to hardware features of a mobile device.

Mobile web apps are not essentially applications. These are web resources that look and perform to some extent like native mobile software, but cannot replace it completely. They are launched via any browser and aren’t limited in platform compatibility.

We can create companion applications for a range of wearable devices, integrate them with smart devices or proprietary peripherals.

SaaS Application Development Process

  • Selecting the type of apps or web site . This is the stage of writing a technical assignment using User Story. Each point is very important, that is why it takes a lot of time.
  • Prototyping and design. We are a company that specializes in software development, and we delegate design development to trusted partners. We recommend using Figma for your design.
  • Software Development. Coding commences right after there is a clear tech reference and basic design at hand. The major software coding efforts result in the functioning solution that can be tested in polished further in terms of design.
  • Testing & Bugfixing. Application and Web sites testing is performed at every steps of development. Thanks to this approach, we minimize the time spent on bug fixing and save time / money. Final testing is carried out in a test environment and, if there are no errors, we upload the application to the AppStore & Google Play.
  • Release. Based on the testing reports, necessary edits and corrections are made. Once all the results are approved, the app is uploaded to the respective digital app market complying properly with all the policies and goes into the public use.
  • Technical support. After the release, we offer high-quality support and prompt bug fixing, as we understand the importance of the correct functioning of the application for your business.

We recommend using our development approach

Use Jira or Trello Board for task management.
This will allow you to see our progress & time tracking and help us to process the new tasks in time.

If you have not worked with these systems before, then we will be happy to teach you this along the way of our joint work.

Use Github or the same platform for version control. What will it give you:

  • Quick access to any branch of the project;
  • Secure storage of code in the cloud;
  • Safe testing of new code with the rest of the project functionality.

Daily Meetings and Planning. 

Discussion of current progress:

  • What did you do we well in the last sprint?
  • What needs to be improved next?

Planning for future and current work;
Synchronization with the team;
Task estimation.


High-quality development of custom SaaS products is impossible without the extensive technical foundation AND skills of efficiently employing it in practice. We offer solutions that will fit your requirements closely and are essentially adjusted to target certain project goals.

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Software development is the design, writing, testing and maintenance of computer programs to solve problems for many users; it's about building robust, secure solutions that will stand the test of time and tackle some of the previously unknown challenges. 

AIRKOD developers thoroughly study the tasks to be solved, fully understand how their proposed solutions work, how these solutions are limited and how they are characterized in terms of data privacy and security.

A software component must be resilient to bad data, incorrect states, and incorrect interactions. For this reason, the sustainability and safety of the company's solutions come first. This approach saves time and budget for creating a successful project.

We use our own knowledge and custom tools in order for us to expand our opportunities in solving complex issues whilst helping you avoid any unnecessary costs at the same time.



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Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax.


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Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications


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